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We, at Rising Stars are focused on investigating the transformation of the workplace and how we can help the new generations thrive in today’s workplace. The changes of this transformation are driven by new technologies which is ultimately leading to business automation and the introduction of new skills, new jobs needed in the workplace that for some does not even exist yet. 


We as human beings are also going through a transformation, living in a connected society, access to information, and exposed to constant stimuli, but as much as it seems that we are up to date with the changes happening in the world, we do face the huge risk of becoming irrelevant to the current and/or future needs of the workplace.


Rising Stars focus is on YOU: THE INDIVIDUAL. Why? Simply becasue we are switching from a society of getting a degree, getting a job, and sticking with the job for life to provide for your household type of mindset towards a new era that witnesses high turnover rate, people changing industries, changing careers to follow the curves of the market.


The underlying truth of all is that less and less people will be working in the same companies for more than a few years, and more and more people will be having multiple careers in a lifetime.


Therefore, Rising Stars is here to help people own their career as early as possible, maximise chances of a successful career and learn how to navigate in a constantly changing work ecosystem.


Stay tuned for more.


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After an exciting tennis career in my young age, being ranked the top female tennis player in Morocco and top 200 in the world under the age of 18 years old, I was forced by external factors to put aside my sports career and battle off court to obtain my bachelor’s degree and MBA from Morocco’s Al Akhawayn University.


I went on to work at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), where I was able to establish 16 outreach offices to interview and expand political participation of women and youth post-Arab Spring.


In 2013, I had the pleasure to be selected as one of the 30 young talents for Middle East and Africa’s MACH program (Microsoft Academy for College Hires). Here, I served as a business manager of the Vice-President of the Consumer Channel Group Segment in MEA, and later as a Sales Executive working to empower small and medium-sized businesses through Microsoft’s latest technologies and negotiating distribution networks in Morocco.

Today, I decided to apply my relentless can-do attitude to my start-up Rising Stars – a company whose purpose is to help millennials thrive as they enter the workforce.


As experts predicted it, I think it is safe to say today that the workplace is officially going through a major transformation driven by new technologies, leading ultimately to business automation and introduction of new skills, new jobs needed across the world economy.


A pretty scary and stressful picture for many people.


With all the buzz around, everything we ever grew up learning or knowing is or will in fact become obsolete, my mission is to help people navigate through this major shift by providing necessary tools to be ready for this transformation.


Zineb El Ouazzani


Rising Stars is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create effective solutions for your needs.